What Female Images Repel Foreigners In Online Dating?

Based on her perception of the world, a woman creates her own image. What image do you create when you communicate with a man? Look at yourself through the eyes of your interlocutor. How attractive is your image, what feelings and emotions does it evoke? A woman broadcasts her image as a self-perception and a man reacts to this image in one way or another. (Join Adult Dating — MeetKing) What do you broadcast?

What kind of men do you prefer? Choose 10, or even more, qualities of a man that attract you, or rather, what qualities you would like to see in your beloved.

For example:

wealthy (rich);generous;generous;strong in spirit;clever;with a sense of humor;courageous;decent;kind;sincere;reliablehandsome;family-oriented;neat;noble;open-minded;intimate;emotional;cheerful;practical;industrious;sensible;sensible;spontaneous;self-confident;self-sufficient;adventurous;educated;authoritarian;goal-oriented;successful;prosperous;athletic;without bad habits;gentle;empathetic.

If you haven’t found the qualities that impress you, you can write them yourself. Are you ready?

You have received an answer of sorts — with (Also Read: IF YOU LOVE YOURSELF, FORGIVE ME…) what set of qualities you want to appear before a man, or you have, in fact, written your portrait, or rather, your collection of qualities. These qualities, as in a mirror, reflect your requirements for yourself, your vision of yourself. To meet a man with this set of qualities, you must possess them yourself.



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