Top 50 Most Beautiful Compliments To Say To A Woman

Compliments to say to a woman is a man’s job. A woman’s job is to condescend to receive them. And woe to the girl who thinks of singing her lover’s praises — she will be as uninteresting as a mountain climber conquered.
You think so too? Then listen to what the psychologists say. They say that guys like compliments more than girls do. That for many of them a compliment is something like a blow job. That not taking advantage of this little weakness of the stronger sex is complete recklessness.

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Man and compliment: made for each other

How and when to say compliments: 5 rules

Practice: Top 50 compliments to a guy

Analyzing your responses … 0%

Compliments to say to a woman: made for each other
The “man has to” position is sickening to the hell out of men. Protect, obtain, pursue and conquer. Don’t cry, don’t be afraid, and don’t ask for it. Do anything and everything to fit in. To what and why? Philosophical question. There is only one answer. It’s called “have to.” It’s hard work, I tell you.

All work must, of course, be rewarded. — “otherwise it turns into exploitation. How do you reward a man? Praise. Let him know that his efforts are not in vain. That his exploits matter. That he’s good and the best.
Guys need validation and, unlike women, they are omnivorous. They take any compliment at face value. They are ready to swallow “noodles” and feel genuine delight: “Yes, I’m good! A hero! Hercules!”.
From this we draw the correct conclusion.



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