If You Have Not Found Your Loved One Online, There Are Still a Few Things You Can Do

1. Give yourself time to think about what steps you’ve taken to achieve your goal. For example, you began to learn a foreign language, collect information about life abroad, about the possibility of integration in a new country, visit a fitness studio and more.

Analyze your experience with men, both in real life and on an international dating site. How open and positive are you in communication? (Join Adult Dating — MeetKing) Can a man feel your individuality in communication or is each new contact limited to a “dry” exchange of biographical facts? Think about and make a list of your advantages and disadvantages. Focus your attention on the merits. Develop and improve further in the direction of your advantages.

2. Think about the image of the ideal partner (the man you see next to you in the future). Take a blank sheet of paper and write down what kind of man you see next to you (in the present tense, as if he is already near, you have already found him). Describe his appearance, his positive qualities, and describe qualities that you do not like, but you could put up with them and live in harmony.

3. Describe the men you’ve already met, but something has gone wrong. What didn’t you like about their behavior? (Also Read: IS A PROFILE ON AN INTERNATIONAL DATING SITE A STIGMA OF FAILURE?) It is important to know that we mirror the people that fate sends us. How do you figure that out? It’s like looking in the mirror. You attract and receive what is present in you.



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