Cougar — What’s in a Name?

Cougar - What's in a Name?

I used to hate the time period “Cougar” for all the apparent causes. First, it evoked photographs of Mrs. Robinson in a girdle and garters, smoke billowing round her alcoholic head as she seduced a susceptible (however keen) Benjamin. Flash ahead to leopard clad girls over 40 displaying method an excessive amount of cleavage, voguing in 4 inch stilettos, hanging out at bars, guzzling wine and dragging house younger prey. Every time the media interviewed me, I cringed, realizing the apparent questions can be requested: “Isn’t this just about sex?” “Isn’t this just about money?” I endeavored to clarify to them that in my 20 years of analysis as a human habits analysis psychologist and world’s foremost authority on cross generational courting and psychosexual imprinting (translation: Cougar and Cub courting) that that they had all of it fallacious. The media is selling what I coined “The Myth of Stiffler’s Mom” as in the movie American Pie. Stiffler’s mother seduces a younger man, but he isn’t the 6 pack ab, GQ mannequin kind. He is mature for his age, an clever. He will get in her head earlier than he will get in her mattress. The youthful males and the media who assume the youthful man/older girl relationship is nearly intercourse or cash have by no means been in a relationship with an older girl. If that they had, they’d know the reality.



Working as professional writer at dating agency.

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