Appreciate Men Who Are Willing To Do Things For You!

Do not agree to meet with a man in a relationship with whom you are not interested, with a man for whom you do not feel sympathy, attraction.

Unfortunately, a similar situation is not uncommon: a woman and a man get acquainted on an international dating site, intensive communication follows, the lady (Join Adult Dating — MeetKing) expresses her consent to meet the man, he plans a trip (the actual expenses of the foreign gentleman: buying tickets, paying for the hotel, arranging the visa), and just a few days before the trip the communication stops, the lady does not know about herself, does not explain the reasons for her mood change (and this is very convenient, out of sight and out of mind, but cruel and childish). These are not isolated stories.

If your situation has changed, if you are no longer sure you want to meet the man who is due to come to you one day, then be consistent and humane with other people — whatever the reason for refusal, you can always find the right words and do the right thing by informing him of your decision.


Have the courage to let him know your decision. Keep a balance, don’t hurt other people, don’t betray them. If you have inspired someone to come to you, if you have expressed a desire to meet with them, have the courage to let them know that you have changed your mind.



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